• Beatles Concerto Grosso nr.1 ( string orchestra )
  • Beatles Concerto Grosso nr.2 ( string orchestra )
  • Beatles Concerto Grosso nr.3 ( string orchestra )
  • Beatles Concerto Grosso nr.4 ( string orchestra )
  •  Requiem for Children Chorus, orchestra and soloists
  • Double Concerto for Viola & Cello & String Orchestra
  • Vocal Cycle for Soprano & String Quartet “Un Homo Dolore” on a poems of W.Owen & A.F.Housman
  • Chamber Symphony
  • Quartet No.1 (To Denise Gaze is dedicated)
  •  Quartet No.2 (To Denise Gaze is dedicated)
  •   Quartet No.3
  •  Cello Sonata for three cellos (To Mr.Giles Petitpierre is dedicated)
  • Suite in old style for violin and cello (duet)
  • Carol Concerto Grosso nr.1
  • Suite in old style for string chamber orchestra
  • Chamber symphony nr 2 ( based upon a poem of K.Norwid "My Song")
  • Under Umbrella ( piece for chamber orchestra and solo cello based under poem of K.Pichlak)
  • Chokolate for flute solo and string chamber orchestra
  • Double Flute Concerto for flutes and string orchestra (to L.Dlugosz and M.Dlugosz dedicated)
  • Night Flight for piano solo and string orchestra
  • Dark Tower ( symphony poem based on Stiven Kings saga )
  • Vita Aeris Symphony nr.1
  • Piano Concerto "Karkonosze" - co-authorship with M.Galeski )
  • Carpathian Suite
  • Ouverture "Rubezahl"
  • Europien Toccatta ( for symphony orchestra & children chorus based upon a A.Szymalski thema )

Staff: String Orchestra, Percussion, Bass guitar, Rhythm guitar, Solo Cello

Night City
Lights & Shadows


A.Silvestri "Home Alone"
J.Shmidt "All Of Me" (piano solo)
C.Perry "A Thousand Years"
J.Pachelbel "Canon" (Piano Guys Version)
M.Musorgsky "Pictures From The Exhibition" (Piano Guys Version)
P.Desmont "Let's play in 5"
A.Petrov  "Walzer"
W.Kilar   "Vocalise" from Ninth Gate
W.Kilar   Bram Stocker's "Dracula"
A.Silvestri "Forest Gump"
J.N.Howard The Village Soundtrack - Main Theme
J.Shmidt "Because of you" 

  • J.Petersburski "Last Sunday"
  • H.Kuzniak        "Jewish Dance"
  • H.Kuzniak         "VaBank"
  • J.Williams "Cantina Band" (Star Wars)
  • N.Rota "Tarantella"
  • P.Doyle  "Cinderella Suite"
  • A.Menken "Aladdin"
  • A.Menken "The Little Mermaid"
  • Sh.Brothers "Winnie Pooh"
  • W.Jackson "Mickey Mouse"
  • Ennio Morricone The Greatest Hits (over 20 pieces of Morricone arranged for symphony orchestra).
  • Hollywood Greatest Hits ( over 20 compositions music from such films as Terminator, Pearl Harbour, The Red Violin, Reqiem for a dream, Titanic, Bodygard, etc.)
  • N.Rota "God Father"
  • J.Wiliams Star Wars suite ( arr. for string orchestra)
  • Angry Birds Fantasy ( arr. for piano, two violins and cello)
  • J.N.Howard "I am Legend" (for piano and string orchestra)
  • H.Zimmer "Zoosters Brakeout"
  • T.Bergerson "Nero"
  • H.Zimmer "Pearl Harbour"
  • E.Morricone "The Gabriels Oboe"
  • E.Morricone "Rabbia e Tarantella"
  • E.Morricone “Cockeys Song” for panflute & string orchestra

  • C.Botti “Emmanuelle” for solo trompet, violin, percussion  and string orchestra

  • Silvestri “Home Alone”
  • H.Zimmer “Pirates of  the Caribbian”

  • K.Jenkins  “Palladio”

  • R.Lopez    “Frozen”

  • D.Garret  “Io ti penso amore” ( for solo violine, vocals & chamber orchestra )

  • H.Zimmer “Sherlock Holmes”

  • R.Djavadji “Game of Thrones”

  • J.Corigliano “The Red Violin” ( suite for solo violin and chamber orchestra )

  •  I. Benda   "Grave"
  •  L. Boccherini   "Rondo"
  • F. Veraccini   "Largo"
  • C.M. von Weber  "Adagio and Rondo"
  • N. Paganini  "Variations on One String"
  • D. Frescobaldi  "Toccata"
  • R. Schumann  from “Dichterliebe” No. 7,
  • “Ich grolle nicht”
    R. Schumann  from “Dichterliebe” No. 9,
  • “Ein Juengling liebt ein Maedchen”
  •  R. Shchedrin  "Cadrille"
  • A.Pizzolla    "Libertango"
  • G.F. Haendel double cello sonata in g minor
  • G.F.Monn Concert for cello and string orchestra
  • M.Bruch  "Kol Nidrei"
  • P.I. Tchaikovsky "Andante Cantabile"
  • H.Wieniawski “Legende”
  • F.Shubert "Earl King"
  • A.Zarzycki   Romance for violin & symphony orchestra

  • H.Neumaier  Duo for violin & cello
  • H.Neumaier  String Trio
  • W.Szomanski  “Rain Adagio”